Kevin & Christina Stilts – Members since 2013
I am a homeschooling momma to 3 wonderful children ages 10, 9, and 6. Becoming a mother was a turning point in my life. I became an avid researcher on everything in efforts to provide the best possible life for our children.

When our babies were teething I was reluctant to reach for the commonly given OTC meds. I did it but didn’t like it. I finally found out about homeopathics and much to my bewilderment, they helped more than I would have imagined. This really set the stage for the next few years of researching here and there and trying alternative ways of doing things.

Fast forward a little and I hear review after review of this oil called “Thieves.” One time of using it and I was hooked. Took my hubby a little longer, but he sure did come around and jumped in with both feet!

At first, I was a skeptic. My wife had done several work-from-home “projects” trying to be the Proverbs 31 wife. Her first one was a cold calling prescription card (yeah, she was THAT lady). Let me open my wallet and begin pouring my money out, flushing it down the toilet.

Then she got into Home Interiors (shelves, pictures, frames, mirrors, candles, potpourri plates, lamp rings, and more) where you had to have a monthly quota and we ended up decorating our house with their decor and many more boxes and push carts full of product we never used/sold. Now the swirl of the toilet is in full effect.

Now she is asking for money for what? Bottles of oil? REALLY? Umm…no (we have 3 kids and I have to support all 5 of us someway). At that moment, the cost of the Premium Starter Kit seemed like a huge amount to invest for oils! But shortly thereafter I learned about the value of the kit, both:

  • Monetarily – purchase a PSK or pay $1000 for medicine that would only work for one day, and
  • In promoting wellness in our lives – haven’t had to take any of our kids to doctor since we got the kit

So we decided to become members simply using the oils for ourselves. We would NEVER be the ones out at vendor events or sharing with others, just us using our discount for ourselves (I chuckle looking back at that now!) Many have said the oils speak for themselves and it’s true and before long we had our friends asking what we were using and then experiencing the oils for themselves, wanting to join our oily family. Then the checks started coming in – there could be something here after all…

One year later, we have achieved Executive rank and pressing on. Could we have done it quicker? Yes, but over these years, I prefer our children to be home-schooled so time that could have been spent promoting our team or out promoting YL was spent in the classroom teaching our kids and I am okay with that! We will get there when we do. I will just continue to share, and support my wife and our oily family.