Amazing Company, Amazing Product(s)! …and a few tips, too!

You know what’s great about Young Living? They care. Like they really care. Both the founder and CEO use the products they create and sell. Step back for a minute and let that sink in. They formulate amazing high-quality products AND they use them too. They aren’t just pushing products out into the market, they create products to fill a need.

I’m sure that you have read information about the toxic chemicals that we are all bombarded with on a daily basis. For women, it seems to be a bit higher. Cosmetics, lotions, haircare products… all of these are laden with ingredients that bombard your body. Young Living’s founder knows this and wants to help you make a change to reduce the toxic load in your home.

Remember how I said that Young Living creates a product to fill a need? There is one product, well, it’s really several products all wrapped up into one AMAZING package, that they have put together to really help you in beginning to eliminate toxins from your home and daily life. The amazing package is known as the Premium Starter Kit (PSK).


The Premium Starter Kit is your key to unlocking the door. To a better way. To a more freeing lifestyle. To independence. To freedom from the harmful, toxin-laden products probably all over your home.


The PSK gives you a great sampling of Vitality oils (used for ingestion or dietary) and solid label oils (used topically or aromatically).  What is the difference between, say, the yellow Lemon essential oil bottle and the white labeled Lemon Vitality bottle? Just the label – the oil in the bottle is the same great quality oil.

I like to separate out all the goodies into sections. Let’s dive in, shall we?

First off, let’s start with 5 of the 11 oils in the kit. These oils are SINGLES. Singles just come from one plant, tree, bush, root, or seed. In the singles category, we have Lemon, Peppermint, Copaiba, Frankincense, and Lavender.


Lemon Vitality– Using Lemon Vitality in water every day is the first way that I started using this oil. I found it helped me to just get going and feel great! (and I HATE lemons in my water)

Lemon can be used for cleaning anything and everything, great in DIY home cleaners, use to get sticky stuff off of windows (think sun baked on stickers on car windows!), and CHEWING gum. Any parents worst nemesis to hair and carpet.

Peppermint Vitality– use to support your digestion, add a little to water to freshen your breath, kick your favorite brownie recipe up a notch!

Peppermint- simply inhale the aroma for increased mental clarity, use to boost your energy for your daily workout

Copaiba Vitality– use a drop a day to promote overall wellness in water, directly under the tongue or in a clear veggie capsule. We’ve witnessed several momma’s to little ones rub it on a fussy baby’s gums and the baby goes from crying to blissful in seconds. One powerful little oil from Brazil!

Copaiba- add to your favorite moisturizer or skin cream to help enhance healthy looking skin, use with Peppermint after exercise for a post-workout massage

Frankincense– my BFF, Frank. Frank here is very emotionally grounding and helps me collect my thoughts. Frank on the skin is super luxurious and beneficial (as it is a key ingredient in YL’s Boswellia Wrinkle Cream)!

Frankincense Vitality- supportive to the brain, just take a drop on your thumb and press to the roof of your mouth to achieve amazing happiness and normal cellular health.

Lavender– ahh! The “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils! Seriously, when you have no idea what to use, just grab Lavender. It is our go-to for everything. Use to calm down the crazies after a long day by diffusing or even adding a little to some Epsom salt and taking a relaxing bath.

Up next let’s talk about BLENDS that you will fall in love with and use every day. A blend is simply different single oils that have been paired to work together… and I might add that they are quite impressive! Oh, and what is really cool about a lot of the blends… the name pretty much tells you what they are great for!!


R.C.– You probably are wondering what in the world the abbreviation stands for, right? Yeah, I did too when I first got started! With all the different eucalyptus oils in this blend, it clearly stands for Respiratory Comfort. (Think of “Vicks”  😉 ) Before heading out on a run, my hubby would put this on his chest to open his lungs up to receive more oxygen. He tells me he notices a difference when he doesn’t remember to use it!

Purification– You remember that time you totally burned dinner so you went out to eat instead? Or how about the time you went on vacation and forgot to take the trash out before you left? Or what about those stinky gym shoes that smell up the entire house? Yeah, me too. (Well, not when you did it, cuz that’d be weird.) Diffusing this oil is great to freshen the air in your home and eliminate odors without leaving behind toxic chemicals! Also, with the citronella in it, it is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors annoyance-free.

DiGize Vitality– You know that time that you just had to have that funnel cake at the State Fair? Or that burrito that you paid for twice? Those occasions are when we grab our DiGize Vitality! Whenever you hear DiGize, think about it as a “Digestive Energizer.”

PanAway– Got a cranky knee? Kids get in a schoolyard fight over whose Momma makes a better PB&J? These are all great times to grab this oil and use it! It also makes a great massage oil before and after exercise or other intense physical activity!

Thieves Vitality– When you are out and about and hear some less than optimally supported immune systems sending out warning sirens and you don’t want yours to be blaring too, that is the time to grab this oil. Support your immune system by using this oil every day! I like to drop a little directly into my mouth and follow with water. (It’s a spicy one, just so you are warned!)

Thieves- Diffuse this when the kids get home from school to clean the air in the home and have an inviting aroma! You can also make a nightly routine of rubbing down everyone’s feet with it before bed. Smells so yummy with the cinnamon in it!

Stress Away– This is a BONUS oil that Young Living gives to you for FREE. F-R-E-E! We like to call this blend “Vacation in a Bottle.” Hey, look with a Premium Starter Kit you are being given a FREE VACATION! Use this one anytime that you, ummm, feel stressed. If you are anything like me, that is every day. Most of us carry stress in the shoulders and neck area. Rub some of this on and feel the tension just melt away! This is one of my most favorite oils, once you try it, I know that you will feel the same way.

Now that we have covered all the oils in the PSK, let’s take a look at the other little gifts from Young Living.

In the kit, there is a “hidden” compartment under the tray of oils that many people completely overlook. In this little compartment you will find:

  • 2- NingXia Red packets- this is an amazing antioxidant supplement drink that tastes amazing!
  • Stress Away- your free oil that I mentioned above. Ahhh! So relaxing!
  • Rollerball and lid- use this to convert any of your oils to a roll-on for easy application. I prefer Stress Away!
  • 10- 2ml sample size bottles to share oils with others OR to take oils with you on the go!
  • Information Cards to use to share Young Living with friends and family without having to be the expert! Easy peasy.
  • 10 Sample packets of 5 oils- these are single use. Great to keep in your purse for on the go, traveling or sharing with others who need these amazing oils too!

Lastly, when you get a PSK you get to pick the diffuser you want to use with your oils. This is one of my favorite and most easy ways to use my oils for the entire family. Just fill with water, add a few drops of oil, turn on and enjoy! Our personal favorite diffuser is the Dewdrop. It’s super easy to use and has lasted us a long time. All of Young Living’s diffusers have a 1-year warranty! That’s pretty impressive, as most that I have looked at from other places only have a 30-day warranty. Um, wow.

Diffuser Options

Isn’t it amazing like I said?! I only shared a LITTLE bit of how we like you use the oils in our day-to-day life. Feel free to Contact Me to schedule some time to talk more in-depth and get you started on your own wellness journey!

If you are ready to jump into our oily family with both feet, you can simply follow this link to get your PSK: Get started now!

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