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“I am a mom of 3 and a researcher when it comes to her family’s health. When my babies were teething, I was reluctant to reach for the commonly given OTC meds and finally found out about homeopathics and much to my bewilderment, they helped more than imagined. Fast forward a little and I heard review after review of this oil called “Thieves.” One time of using it and I was hooked.”

Christina Stilts
Executive Leader, #1405960

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“I am a father of 3 and wife to Christina. When she told me about essential oils, I was SUPER skeptic and thought this was another open wallet-flush commode things. Boy was I wrong! Our kids are doing so much better than ever and seeing them do so well, I jumped into this oily adventure too.”

Kevin Stilts
Star Leader, #15827359

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“I began my YL journey over 3 years ago when my 6 month old needed LOTS of support for the immune and respiratory systems and medicine was not working. I began to use Thieves that night and never looked back. Over the past 3+ years I have used the oils on my entire family and have lowered the cost of doctor visits and prescriptions since I am supporting my body naturally. Now, I am 24 weeks pregnant and am still using them to lessen the effects I experience and keeping me healthier than before. This has been a welcome change to be proactive supporting my body, instead of reactive as before with medicines. Young Living has been a wonderful addition to my family’s wellness.”

Michelle Martin
Senior Star Leader, #1550287

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Rebecca Stilts
Senior Star Leader, #1470259

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“I started my Young Living journey looking for support for my musculoskeletal system. I ordered my Premium Starter Kit, began supporting my body naturally, and had relief within minutes using two of the oils. I was totally sold! I am so thankful for these God-given remedies!”

Tracy Roederer
Star Leader, #1499565

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Jessica & Titus Pierce
Star Leader, #1793271

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Jessica & Titus

Brianna White
Star Leader, #1971272

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“My family is so fortunate to have found Young Living. To have not only a wonderful support group, but also having a healthier family, is such a win win! I am always looking forward to learning new things on YL products.”

Shannon Tremblay
Star Leader, #2979120

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Kelly Pierce
Star Leader, #1469982

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Rita Stewart
Star, #10481185

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“I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, specific unknown, approximately six years ago. I was diagnosed with psoriasis and shortly later, psoriatic arthritis approximately 25 years ago. I also work in an elementary school of over 700 children. I have found my essential oils to be very helpful in assisting me in support my body systems (including my immune and muscular system) naturally. They also help me uplift my sometimes dreary moods. I have always believed that God provided everything we need here on this earth. I’m convinced that these pure oils are a piece of that!”

Cindy McCullough
Rising Star Leader, #2051744

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“I am a wife, mother of 2 girls and 3 fur-babies. I started my journey with YL in 2016 and not a day goes by that YL isn’t a part of my life. I love that I have peace of mind that I can use these products safely with my kids and my pets.”

April Lehmann
Rising Star Leader, #10121914

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Jennifer Downer
Rising Star, #3332943

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Tammy Fraley
Rising Star, #12020161

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