Essential Rewards

If you are anything like me, once you try your oils for the first time, there is no stopping you! I wanted all the things! When you are ready to order, there a few options. You can place what is called a Quick Order which is a one time order that is still eligible for some of the promos OR an Essential Rewards order which receives more promos, gets discounted shipping, and earns 10-25% back in points for free products. (Promos? You say. Yes! Promos! Each month Young Living releases a new selection of free products for orders equalling 100, 190, 250, and 300 PV! And they are always soooooo good!)

I always recommend everyone use Essential Rewards. It is really a no brainer. You get more free oils, points back, reduced shipping… it’s the jam. It’s a monthly order with soooo much freedom. Your order only needs to be 50PV a month. You can change your products and change your processing date EACH MONTH. It’s not scary, I swear. You aren’t signing your life away and you can cancel anytime, but why would you?




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