More than OILS!

At this point, we have covered everything in your kit. But, Young Living is so much more than just the 11 oils in your kit. Did you know they have over 400 products including hair care, skin care, a line for kids, a line for animals, dental health, supplements, household cleaning, and MAKE-UP?!? They are all plant-based and incredible and most importantly, they actually work! If DIY isn’t your thing, maybe these are. 😉

If you are looking to try a few products after your kit, my top three suggestions are:

Thieves Household Cleaner: it is a concentrated formula and ends up being $1.40 a bottle when diluted with water. The great thing is you can make it in different strengths. I literally have two bottles of cleaner in my home and that is all. One bottle is the regular strength Thieves cleaner we use for all purpose & glass and a double strength Thieves cleaner we use as a degreaser for floors, appliances, and the bathroom. There is a handy dilution chart on the back of the bottle as well. One bottle lasts us six months to a year. Oh, and it smells AMAZING! No more gross chemicals and toxins on my surfaces.

NingXia: I love this stuff. I wasn’t kidding. My entire family takes it daily. We take 2 ozs each day and 4 or more if we are sick. These Super Red Gummies are a great snack to make with your NingXia Red!

Supplements: These have been a game changer for me. Young Living makes very, very high-quality & effective supplements.

They have supplements for weight control (Slique), a probiotic (Life 9), a multi (Master Formula), and a TON of other products for targeted support. The two that have changed my life are Essentialzymes-4 to help with my lactose intolerance and Cortistop to help regulate cortisol levels produced by stress and hormone levels. Seriously, these supplements have changed my life!

Did you know that Young Living recently released an Insect Repellent, Mineral Sunscreen, After Sun Spray, chemical-free Seedlings Baby Line, and an entire collection of makeup that is free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, gluten, talc, bismuth, petrochemicals, nylon, and nanoparticles? These are some of my new faves!


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