How ya feeling’? Do you want to learn more and dive right in?

Without a doubt, the most amazing resource you have access to is our exclusive Facebook education group Team Vitality. This group is filled with over 3,000 oil users and is a community for all of us to ask questions, post about all the awesomeness of these oils, and learn more and more through class offerings. Make sure you read through the guidelines to make sure everyone gets to see your posts. Some highlights are:

– Team Vitality is a safe space for everyone to learn from each other; therefore, we do not allow advertisements, outside blog or article links, or photos from Pinterest.

– The advice given is simply that, advice. We urge you to contact your medical professionals for diagnosis. But, we can always provide oily recommendations to help along the way! That being said, the only kind of remedies we can provide are suggestions of how to use Young Living essential oils, no other alternative treatments.

There are several different ways to use Team Vitality and by far my favorite way is by posting on the wall with questions or oily suggestions. To do this, simply click write post just like you would post something on your regular wall. Feel free to add a photo if you like (if it is graphic, please add it to the comments instead).

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 7.26.36 AM

Before you post, you may actually find the answer you need by using one of these two tools.

First, this group has been around for over 5 years and has TONS of members. It’s likely your question has not only been answered before; but, possibly several times meaning LOTS and LOTS of info. To find past posts on your subject, simply type a keyword into the search box and VOILA! -OR- Click on the files tab and read through the files that have been uploaded. It is full of recipes, past classes, and plenty more.

Team Vitality FB Group

Speaking of recipes, here are a few to get you started.  Only one more post to go!


Now that you know everything there is to know about Team Vitality, hop in there and post a picture of your favorite oil from your premium starter kit and I bet you someone will give you a use for it that you never knew!

If you haven’t been added to Team Vitality’s FB group yet, send us a message and include your YL member number so we can get you added!

Ladies & Gents, you did it! You completed the class and are a real oiler now! 😉😂💦


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