Using Oils: Internally

Guess what? You are one lucky dog because you listened to a smart friend and got Young Living essential oils and not some junk on a store shelf. This is extremely important when it comes to using oils internally. You should never ingest any oils except Young Living oils because no one has the purity standards they do. Read through this website for more info on YL’s Seed to Seal guarantee:

You are also probably noticing that some of your oils have white labels and some have colored labels. The white labels are GRAS (generally regarded as safe for consumption) and are called Vitality oils. Learn more about that here: Vitality Oils.


A very common way to take essential oils internally is in a capsule. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do just that: Using a Capsule.
And last, but not least, this video talks about simple ways to use your oils internally. Enjoy!


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