Virtual Wellness Scan!

I’ve used various wellness scanners over the years, and they have really helped tailor my family’s well-being. They guide you on what products may best serve you at the time of the scan. 

I’m so excited to share a virtual wellness scan with you! If you’ve never had a Zyto scan you are in for a treat. Zyto has been around for many years and their technology has years of research behind what they do, which is why I love them. Their newest technology is called Zyto Insights.

How does a Zyto Insights scan work?

This technology uses biometrics through physical or behavioral characteristics to create a digital footprint. This fingerprint or footprint unique to you is referred to by Zyto as your Spark. Your Spark is created by way of voice mapping using your voice frequency and kinetic responses.

Your voice is unique to you, but it can also provide insight into your current state of well-being, cool right?! For your scan, your voice will be recorded for 10 seconds and this will be analyzed. Curious what to say, here is an example: "I would like better health to XYZ." If you still have time left, simply repeat it until the 10 seconds are up. 
The second part has to do with your kinetic (touch) response that allows more information to be gathered about your unique Spark. This is based on something that has a lot of years of research behind it called “evoked potential”. Go look it up, I did, and it is super fascinating.

Once your Spark is created an algorithm will run your personalized real-time scan. Remember everyone has a unique response to their own individual scan. You will receive a report that shows items representing body systems, emotions, and organs. You will also learn about environmental factors affecting your well-being including bacteria, pesticides, EMFs just to name a few. There are over 300 biomarkers scanned on the Insights Adaptability Index.

Reading your Adaptability Index
Once you have your scan showing your biomarkers that are out of range, you will have a list of supplements, essential oils and services than can support your body to these adaptability stressors. Your 300 biomarkers scanned will be divided into 3 virtual categories (Functional, Energetic, and Emotional).

Each virtual item is given an outcome ratio (oR) score which ranges from 1 to 100. The higher your number, the more positive your response is to that item. Items with higher oR scores are more desirable and more effective at improving your Adaptability Index.  The Adaptability Index is designed to increase your body’s adaptability to stressors, which is an important factor in overall life quality!  In other words…you want to raise your numbers to as close to 100 as possible. 

Ready to do a scan?

Fill out this form and I will email a link to the scan that you can do in the privacy of your home and right from your phone.
It’s crazy accurate and I can’t wait to find out what you think!

To take a deep dive into reading your Adaptability Index, take a look at this page.